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Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising is a fantastic marketing tactic. Advertisers pay publishers when shoppers click on their ads in this category. Because the entire PPC campaign management process is so complex, most businesses use professionals and pay-per-click management organizations to build and refine it. Find some genuine organizations if you are seeking a Pay-Per-Click management service. Most PPC firms do not provide all platform services and will charge you extra for specific regular checks. They may bind you to annual contracts and be more concerned about clicks than conversion. These insignificant items may cost you money. 360digitalservices provides complete Pay-Per-Click management services for all platforms under one roof. We charge a single management fee and do not require long-term contracts.

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Services We Offer For Paid Marketing

Search Ads

We position your online adverts on websites to raise brand awareness and drive more sales and leads to your website.

Display Advertisements

We entice visitors with visually engaging banners, photos, texts, and videos on mobile sites, applications, and websites.


We produce targeted adverts for your visitors so they purchase your products or services. While they are browsing, we show them banner adverts.

Ads on Facebook

To spread brand awareness and divert consumers to gain more leads, we build and publish Facebook ads to target audiences based on location, demographic, and profile information.

Ads in Gmail

We deliver relevant and informative Gmail advertising in the form of video, photos, or text to the inboxes of your target demographic to increase brand awareness and gain more sales and leads.

Video Advertisements

We employ video advertisements to target potential customers and build brand recognition. To increase sales, we display these adverts before, during, and after YouTube content and other networks.

App Marketing

We market iOS and Android apps to boost users and income. We promote these Apps on mobile and other devices to increase installs and interactions.

Why Select 360 Digital for PPC Management Services?


We continually demonstrate our worth with excellent work. There are no asterisks. There are no excuses.



Spend money only on necessities.






What Does 360 Digital Service Cover?

For what reasons have over 400 businesses signed up for our PPC Management Services?

No matter what challenges you're facing with PPC management, you'll be able to solve them all with a single agency or platform. In addition to providing excellent PPC services, 360 Digital Services also offers no-contract options. All costs and expected returns will be laid out in advance.

Professionals have been recruited to handle and administer all of our paid search marketing strategies. Through the use of AI, our qualified SEM team guarantees optimal returns on investment.

Complete paid search marketing on all major social media platforms including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram is included in our Paid Marketing package in addition to pay-per-click (PPC) advertising using search engine marketing (SEM) on Google and Bing via AdWords, shopping lists, Google Display Network (GDN), and retargeting and remarketing.

Furthermore, we offer you a landing page that was built specifically for you and is optimized for conversions. If you're not already making use of a dedicated landing page for PPC lead delivery, you can utilize ours to boost conversions and return on investment.

Services for Managing Pay-Per-Click Ads on Google and Bing

360digitalservices has a competent Google AdWords and Bing Ads certified staff for SEM services. Our specialists are knowledgeable on Google Ads, Bing Ads, Google Display Network GDN, Google Shopping List, and Remarketing. As a result, you can sit back and rest knowing that everything is in good hands.

When compared to other organizations and marketing agencies, 360digitalservices' PPC services are distinct and straightforward. There will be no long-term commitments, no cookie-cutter, "set it and forget it" rules, or minimal monthly campaign checkers or management costs based on percentage ad expenditure.

Our platform provides the services of our skilled SEM team and campaign manager, who are dedicated to refining your campaigns using powerful AI technology every week. We make certain that you get the most out of your advertising dollars.

We employ PPC click fraud and Bot spam prevention software to prevent your competitors, hired click farms, and bots from spending a lot of money.

PPC Advertising on Social Media Sites and Other Campaign-Related Platforms and Services

360digitalservices provides comprehensive PPC management services. It includes PPC advertising services on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram. We will provide you with a hassle-free solution for your PPC services and other content needs. Allow us to handle everything, and we will implement similar methods into our PPC services. When you compare us to other SEM businesses, you will not be disappointed.

You can investigate and test any option that is appropriate for your PPC marketing. Our charges are fully upfront, and you can begin with the campaign management services you desire.

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